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Camping can be a fun, exciting, and even therapeutic activity – especially when paired with exciting attractions!


Did you know that there’s a hidden getaway in Gopeng? Only an hour’s drive from KL.

Water Rafting

Experience the adrenaline rush as you ride through the 14 rapids of Kampar River.

Waterfall Abseiling

Scale down a waterfall and immerse yourself in the rich flora and fauna of the area.


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6 Types of People who are Not Suitable for Camping 

Wanted to plan a camping trip with your friends during weekends or holiday? Hold on, are you sure that they are suitable for camping trips? The right partner to trips are essential as it affects the trip outcome, right person enhances the entire trip while the wrong trip partner are often troublemakers *cry*. Here are […]

Things that you must know about OUTPOSTCAMP?

What is OUTPOSTCAMP? How well do you know about us?  People nowadays are often busy with their hectic work and study schedules, but can you recall when was the last time that you’ve treated yourself for a relaxing getaway trip from these busy schedules? Hence, let’s go camping with us! Keep your stress at bay […]

MCO 2.0 FAQ Here You Go⛺️?

“I’ve booked package through your website, but MCO 2.0 is here now. What can I do?” Here’s some questions that are frequently asked during this lockdown. Due to the drastic rise of COVID-19 cases, our government has announced movement control (MCO 2.0) to prevent the break the virus chain. We also understand that campers who […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions?

As new campers might be wondering what the happiness of camping is, let us tell you more! Our admin have posted Q&A on our Instagram story during MCO and we’ve acquainted countless questions. We’ll share more OUTPOSTCAMP camping information with you today! Q: Is the camp site pet-friendly? A: We absolutely love pets. Unfortunately, pets […]

New Hypergear Waterproof Bag is Here! Join Giveaway Contest Now?

The all new Hypergear waterproof bag is here!! Guess what? We are happy to announce that they are available in rainbow-transparent and classic black! Super convenient for outdoor activities such as hiking, diving and traveling. It does not damage your personal belongings but protects them well in the bag!Aren’t you interested in it! Proudly founded […]

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