Outpostcamp Genting

Although Malaysia is an all-year long summer country, but did you know that you can enjoy camping experience in a 19 degree Celsius environment here in Batang Kali?

「Outpostcamp Genting」, strategically located at Pahang where its daily weather does not exceed 28 degree Celsius, not lower than 18 degree Celsius at night, breezy weather can better enhance your camping experience! On the other hand, internet condition could be weaker than usual as we are positioned at “half mountain”.

Due to the reason that internet connection is weaker when campers drive into our camp site, campers are advised to gather their attention to notice a white gate, you will be able to passby “Father’s Organic Farm” when you drive along into the road. Soon you’ll see our first camp location.

Imagine viewing breath-taking views in perfect weather condition, how relaxing it could be! Just few steps away from our camp site, there’s an organic farm planted with fresh greens and vegetables such as papaya, banana, cabbage, chilli and roselle where you can purchase at an affordable price. Tired of city life? Keep your stress at bay and join us for unforgettable relaxing camping trip to ease your pressure. 

To ensure all campers are experiencing pleasant trip with us, safety and facilities in camp site will be briefed by our camp leader upon arrival. 

Also, to make your trip remarkable, our camp leader will lead you to a hidden waterfall for water playing activities if the weather is in satisfying condition. About half an hour walk, the magnificent view and sound of the natural waterfall will definitely make your walk worth!

As an alternative, campers are allowed to stay in the camp site for high-tea or relaxing session with your fellow friends! Campers can gather and sit under flysheet placed in the centre of camp site, playing board games or spending quality time with your loved ones.

What’s the best part of camping with Outpostcamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life!

When you’re unsure with something, try looking at the sky, maybe it’s the answer that you’ve being wondering. Simply look up at the beautiful sky with mesmerising starry view, can you imagine how romantic it is? “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” Lying in bed staring at the stars gives you another distinctive experience that could not be found in the city.

Waking up to spectacular view and expose yourself under the sun, eating breakfast accompanied by beautiful views before your camping trip comes to an end.

「Outpostcamp Genting」is pleasantly suitable for rookies who wanted to obtain fine camping experience, refreshing atmosphere, serenity and peaceful surroundings filled with greeneries, definitely your best camping choice!


Waze to drive to to Father’s Organic Farm, Batang Kali, Selangor

Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak

Did you know that there’s a hidden camping place in this foresty land in Gopeng? A quick getaway from your work or study stress, about an hour drive from KL to「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」, the warm-coloured tents and decorations set up in our camp site, providing you an extraordinary camping experience. Enveloped with palm trees around the camp site, campers are able to relieve their stress and enjoy the beauty of our Mother Nature here in「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」

Is this your first camping session? Not to worry! As 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」will be your very best choice as all our packages are inclusive of tent accommodation, BBQ dinner and breakfast the next day, exquisite camping equipment such as tables and chairs in same colour code, providing you an aesthetically-unique camping environment. 

Here in 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」, something you might not want to miss out – the riverside for water playing and rafting activity. Yes, don’t get me wrong! Water rafting activity in 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」is what makes the camp site distinctive from others. About 3 hours from briefing by professional guidance to the exciting activity, you’ll definitely love it!! 

*Kind reminder: water rafting activity is not inclusive in our package, additional charges applies. 

What’s the best part of camping with OutPostCamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life! 

Treat yourself an exclusive camping trip and join us to create memorable moments with your loved ones!


Use Waze to drive to Outpostcamp Gopeng, Jalan Kampung Pintu Padang, Gopeng

Outpostcamp Mawai Johor

Yes, believe us or not! Escalating your camping experience here in「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」, the feeling of living in New Zealand but you’re actually in Malaysia!! 

Stepping into「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」camp site, significant observation deck where everyone tends to check-in on their Instagram and Facebook with magnificent views is just right in front of you. Clumps of bushes, sea of clouds, breezy weather and starry night, this is how you should kick start your unique camping trip!!

How does it feel like to enter into a camp site by boat? Campers are to gather at Mawai Village Jetty and take 6-7 minutes boat ride to reach our camp site. 

Privately owned land is what makes our「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」camp site distinctive. Simply book a getaway trip with us and keep your stress at bay and indulge yourself in the peaceful nature. Don’t worry of your heavy bag-packs and luggages, our colleagues will assist in transferring your belongings upon arrival in the camp site.

Not to forget that you can also see cute animals by walking around in the camp site. Short getaway from the bustling city to 「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」allows you to relieve stress. 

Upon arrival in our camp site, the warm-coloured tents and observation deck is the extraordinary point of「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」! Every corner is a must for photo shoots!!

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”, where the precious dusk is essential for every camping trips.

What’s the best part of camping with Outpostcamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar!

If Lady Luck is on your side, you’ll be able to see shooting stars and galaxy! Having breakfast accompanied by sea of clouds on the observation deck is the very best way to kick start your morning.

「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」provides complete facilities such as washroom, bathroom with water heater, providing you the best camping experience. Also, charging plugs are available in the kitchen area for your convenience.

Join us at「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」to recharge yourself from the busy city and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Use Waze to drive to Mawai village jetty, Jalan Mawai Lama


6 Types of People who are Not Suitable for Camping 

Wanted to plan a camping trip with your friends during weekends or holiday? Hold on, are you sure that they are suitable for camping trips? The right partner to trips are essential as it affects the trip outcome, right person enhances the entire trip while the wrong trip partner are often troublemakers *cry*. Here are 6 types of person who are not suitable for camping. 

  • People who do not enjoy cooking

As we live in camping areas without proper cooking space and equipment, it might seem to be hard to cook proper meals. In fact, cooking is the best session during camping! It could be physically demanding from preparing ingredients, cooking, table setting to finishing all cooked foods. It’s fun to prepare foods with your friends and enjoy exquisite camping experience.

  • High expectation towards bathroom

We do not recommend for camping trip if you have high expectations towards bathroom in terms of shower space, water heater and tip-top toilet condition. Although the camping industry has been well-developed these days in Korea and China, which have specific camping base in their country, but we still strive to provide the best camping environment to our campers. As we stay in areas enveloped in natural atmosphere, we recommend that campers make consideration in all aspects before participating in camping!

  • Light sleeper

Sleeping tents are often made of nylon and polyester which do not have excellent sound-proofing, and it is unavoidable that we can sometimes hear wind and insect sounds while sleeping. However, it is suggested that light sleepers use earplug to prevent noise.

  • Parents who seek for “temporary freedom”

We understand that how tiring it is for parents who are busy working and taking care of their children during weekdays. Sometimes they wanted to have quality time with their partners but couldn’t leave their child behind. Hmm.. it might not be an good idea to bring your child along as they wanted to be accompanied by parents at all times. 

  • The all-time electronic device person

If you’re always busy on replying to clients or could not stop browsing the internet, camping might not be your thing! As camping locations are mostly located in forest lands, internet connection can be very weak and no charging plugs are available to device charging. Hence, you might end up in disappointment instead. Since we’ve chosen to go for camping trip, why not keep electronic devices at bay and ultimately enjoy the trip with your friends or loved ones!

  • The lazy-mover

You might think camping does not require any physical demand, oopsy you’re wrong! In fact, camping requires physical energy such as building up and setting off tents, cooking, moving your belongings and so on. Therefore, campers will usually arrange leisure time after the trip ends. 

Don’t worry, OUTPOSTCAMP got your back!! Tents are built upon arrival, cooking utensils, food ingredients, tables and chairs, simple bathroom are all prepared and ready to utilise! Simply browse through our website and book your package now!

Things that you must know about OUTPOSTCAMP?

What is OUTPOSTCAMP? How well do you know about us? 

People nowadays are often busy with their hectic work and study schedules, but can you recall when was the last time that you’ve treated yourself for a relaxing getaway trip from these busy schedules?

Hence, let’s go camping with us!

Keep your stress at bay and relieve yourself by experiencing camping with OUTPOSTCAMP! Surround yourself with your family, besties or beloved ones, indulging yourself in the beauty of our Mother Nature, hmm I guess that’s how life should be?

Here’s 5 things you should know about OUTPOSTCAMP:

1.Public Area in Our Camp Site

It’s undeniable that new campers might be confused on where to camp and what to prepare during their trip. Worry no more, it’s as easy as ABC! Here with OUTPOSTCAMP, we provide camping equipment such as tent, air mattress, lamp, decorating lights, tables and chairs in the common area, which are all included in our package! Of course, just pack your personal belongings and visit us! Not only that, flysheets are nicely set up in the public area, washroom and bathroom, kitchen (with cooking utensils) are ready for you to utilize. 

2.Multiple Tent Options

We understood that accommodation is the key consideration for all campers. Therefore, OUTPOSTCAMP has few tent package with different capacity selections for campers to choose at their convenience. Choices of tents include Mushroom Tent, Premium Tent, Premium Tent A and President Tent, which is available to be browsed on our website. The exquisitely decorated tents will definitely enhance your camping experience, leaving unforgettable memories with your loved ones! Here in OUTPOSTCAMP, we aim to provide utmost quality of experience to all campers, ensuring that they obtain pleasant stay and services with us.  

3.Strategic Location

We believe that one of the most frequently asked questions include: “Where is your camp site located at?” Although there’s numerous camp locations that can be located at, however; OUTPOSTCAMP is strategically located at Batang Kali, Pahang, with the ultimate objective to provide the best camping experience to our campers. The breezy weather in this half mountain allow campers to have different experiences as we are collaborating with [Father’s Organic Farm] where campers can visit the organic farms with numerous organic plantations. Guess what?! Campers are allowed to enjoy water playing at a hidden waterfall in our camp site!

4.Inclusive of Breakfast and BBQ Dinner

What’s the best part of camping with OUTPOSTCAMP? All packages include BBQ dinner and breakfast the next day. Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbequing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life!

5.Who We Are?

Let us introduce the founders of OUTPOSTCAMP!

[Tay Cheah]

Our founder, Tay is a nature lover as she believes that our beautiful Mother Nature relieves stress, keeps our stress and hectic schedules at bay. Her objective to establish OUTPOSTCAMP is to share the joy of the nature’s beauty.

[Belfort Tan]

Our co-founder, Belfort loves simple living that’s why he enjoys camping. “Camping allows us to find out interesting matters, such as cooking and playing around with friends during the campfire session.”, he said.

Hesitate no more! Join us for more interesting camping experiences, see you soon!!

MCO 2.0 FAQ Here You Go⛺️?

“I’ve booked package through your website, but MCO 2.0 is here now. What can I do?”

Here’s some questions that are frequently asked during this lockdown.

Due to the drastic rise of COVID-19 cases, our government has announced movement control (MCO 2.0) to prevent the break the virus chain. We also understand that campers who have made their booking with us are concerned about this matter, do not worry as we’re always here to assist!

Q: Can I still proceed my camping trip during MCO 2.0?

A: Unfortunately, our camp site is closed during MCO 2.0, we must adhere to the SOP to prevent virus spread. We hope to see all campers soon once MCO is lifted.

Q: Can I request for refund since it’s MCO 2.0?

A: As stated in our policy, we do not refund for all bookings. However, redeem code will be given so that campers can book new packages through our website for future visit.

Q: Can I postpone my trip due to MCO 2.0?

A: Yes, of course! As mentioned in the previous answer, redeem code will be given so that campers can book new packages through our website for future visit.

Q: Is booking still allowed at the moment?

A: Yes, customers are allowed to make bookings through our website for future dates. Kindly visit our Facebook and Instagram page or official website for more booking information.

As part of the nation, we are obligated to adhere SOP during the movement control order (MCO) period. We hope everyone take good care of themselves and we’ll see you soon!

10 Frequently Asked Questions?

As new campers might be wondering what the happiness of camping is, let us tell you more!

Our admin have posted Q&A on our Instagram story during MCO and we’ve acquainted countless questions. We’ll share more OUTPOSTCAMP camping information with you today!

Q: Is the camp site pet-friendly?

A: We absolutely love pets. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to enter camp site due to safety reason, as well as the conserving the uniquely decorated camp environment.

Q: What can I do during camping?

A: Campers are allowed to decorate tent appearance, reading, chit-chatting, taking photos around the camp site and water playing at waterfall in the evening. BBQ dinner will be prepared by our colleagues and campers can help themselves with their favourite choice of food.

Q: Is bathroom available in camp site?

A: Yes! We do provide bathroom and toilets for campers.

  • GENTING : 4 bathrooms
  • GOPENG : 4 bathrooms
  • MAWAI : 6 bathrooms (3 women, 3 men)

Q: How is the telecommunication condition in camp site?


In fact, there’s no strong signals such as WI-FI and mobile data in our camp sites as we are not located in city centre, however; it is advised that campers keep mobile phones at bay and enjoy the camping experience at its most!

Q: Can I bring my own tent equipment along to OutPost Camp?

A: Unfortunately, own tent equipment is not allowed as we aim to provide unique and unforgettable camping experience to all our campers.

Q: What to eat during my camping trip?

A: Breakfast and BBQ dinner are inclusive in all packages. However, campers are allowed to bring their own food / ingredients to cook in our camp site.

Q: Can I purchase the onion pancake and frozen beef steak provided in OUTPOSTCAMP?

A: Stay tuned to our Facebook & Instagram page as we are still currently in further discussion on this matter.

Q: Is it ok if I do not bring sleeping bag along?

A: Air mattress is provided in all tents, campers can use sleeping bag as pillow or blanket. 

Q: Can I bring Mahjong or alcoholic drinks?

A: Yes, you can. However, gambling is not recommended.

Q: Is OUTPOSTCAMP available for photo shooting session?

A: Simply browse through our website and book package, you can take as many photos as you want hehe!

Here’s the end of our answering session. Do remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more information and enquiries!

New Hypergear Waterproof Bag is Here! Join Giveaway Contest Now?

The all new Hypergear waterproof bag is here!! Guess what? We are happy to announce that they are available in rainbow-transparent and classic black! Super convenient for outdoor activities such as hiking, diving and traveling. It does not damage your personal belongings but protects them well in the bag!Aren’t you interested in it!

Proudly founded in Malaysia, Hypergear aims to provide the utmost quality of waterproof dry bag for consumers from diverse communities, from scuba divers and mountain climbers to bikers and gym-goers. 

In the previous collections, Hypergear have launched transparent-coloured dry bag and this time round’s new collection before the Chinese Valentine’s Day on 20/5 includes Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black, which is pleasantly suitable for the lovebirds. 

It is essential to carry a bag to hold all our personal belongings when we plan to go for outdoor activities. And yes, Hypergear got your back! The new collection – Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black are specially designed for couples with different styles.

Dry Bag 10L Bubble

Dry Bag 10L Bubble is the perfect combination of fashion and capability. Without the element of plain colours, Dry Bag 10L Bubble has been upgraded with colorful patterns but remains the same as semi-transparent, where you are able to glance through your personal belongings while conserving it’s privacy at the same time.

Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black

As opposed to Dry Bag 10L Bubble, the Smoky Black is designed with smoked colour with semi-transparent element, which makes it classic and classy. This Smokey Black design is charmingly suitable for men, where they can carry their personal belongings as well as their beloved ones. To all the girls out there, here’s a tip for your boyfriend’s birthday gift! 

The Multi-Functional

The IP initials stand for Ingress Protection and are followed by two digits. The first digit indicates level of protection against intrusion. The second digit is an indication of protection against water. When an ‘X’ replaces a digit, it means that the particular specification does not apply to the object. IP rating is used to specify the level of protection of a product against intrusion of foreign bodies (such as solid objects and dust) and various forms of moisture (such as drips, splashes and submersion). Besides the IPX8 Frogman series, most of Hypergear products are rated IPX6 (IP66). (Hypergear Malaysia, 2018) Hypergear uses IPX6 which makes it durable in terms of waterproofing. Not only that, it does not damage your personal belongings but protects them well in the bag!

Surprisingly, don’t worry if you’re drown into the sea while carrying the bag, Hypergear dry bags have excellent floating function which helps to protect your personal belongings in great condition. It is easy to take care, simply wipe or wash its surface and hang on for few hours to be dried. 

To all the outdoor activity enthusiasts, hesitate no more! The limited edition Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black is a must for your hiking / diving / cycling partner. Make your purchase now before its sold out!

Also, Hypergear decided to give out 10 pieces of edition [Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black] to 10 lucky winners! Kindly follow simple steps below to join the giveaway entry:

  1. Like @outpostcamp & @hypergearmalaysia on Facebook / Instagram page
  2. Comment and Tag 2 friends in the comment section
  3. Switch your account to public and share this link URL
  4. You’re entitled for an entry!

As easy as ABC! Giveaway results will be announced seven days later, stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram, you might be the lucky one. Good luck to everyone!

Water Rafting

Be a Happy Rafter! On this trip, you will be rafting through Grade I – III rapids of Kampar River together with the river guide with up to 10 years of experience.

Don’t Worry!You will raft along the 7km Kampar River for a mild adventure, suitable for beginners & intermediate!All the way you will be accompanied by experienced guide.

As Standard Procedure,Safety briefing will be conducted and your guide will teach you a few techniques before we hit the river. Wrap the tour with a body rafting technique that you will learn during the trip.


2.00PM Meet for Safety Briefing

2.30PM Ready for White Water Rafting. The Journey Takes around 3-4 Hours.

4.00PM Return to Basecamp by Lorry

Package Includes:

  • Return Transfer by Lorry
  • Safety Briefing
  • Safety Kayaker x 1
  • Equipment and Guide *1 Raft for 4PAX (Subject to Change)
  • Please Wear Stripes Sandals or Sport Shoes
  • A set of Dry Clothes for Change


Use Waze to drive to Outpostcamp Gopeng, Jalan Kampung Pintu Padang, Gopeng

Waterfall Abseiling

Are you afraid of height or not? Driving through the rainforest to reach Ulu Geruntum Waterfall and try to abseil down from the 20metre high of waterfall. To relax yourself after the adventure, you are free to enjoy the natural jacuzzi here!

As Standard Procedure, Safety briefing will be conducted and your guide will teach you a few techniques on how to abseil down the waterfall.


2.00PM Meet for Safety Briefing

2.15PM Ready for Waterfall Abseiling! The Adventure will take around 2-3 Hours

3.30PM Return to Basecamp by Lorry/ Van

Package Includes:

  • Return Transfer by Lorry/Van
  • Safety Briefing
  • Equipment and Guide
  • Please Wear Stripes Sandals or Sport Shoes
  • A Set of Dry Clothes for Change.


Use Waze to drive to Outpostcamp Gopeng, Jalan Kampung Pintu Padang, Gopeng