6 Types of People who are Not Suitable for Camping 

Wanted to plan a camping trip with your friends during weekends or holiday? Hold on, are you sure that they are suitable for camping trips? The right partner to trips are essential as it affects the trip outcome, right person enhances the entire trip while the wrong trip partner are often troublemakers *cry*. Here are 6 types of person who are not suitable for camping. 

  • People who do not enjoy cooking

As we live in camping areas without proper cooking space and equipment, it might seem to be hard to cook proper meals. In fact, cooking is the best session during camping! It could be physically demanding from preparing ingredients, cooking, table setting to finishing all cooked foods. It’s fun to prepare foods with your friends and enjoy exquisite camping experience.

  • High expectation towards bathroom

We do not recommend for camping trip if you have high expectations towards bathroom in terms of shower space, water heater and tip-top toilet condition. Although the camping industry has been well-developed these days in Korea and China, which have specific camping base in their country, but we still strive to provide the best camping environment to our campers. As we stay in areas enveloped in natural atmosphere, we recommend that campers make consideration in all aspects before participating in camping!

  • Light sleeper

Sleeping tents are often made of nylon and polyester which do not have excellent sound-proofing, and it is unavoidable that we can sometimes hear wind and insect sounds while sleeping. However, it is suggested that light sleepers use earplug to prevent noise.

  • Parents who seek for “temporary freedom”

We understand that how tiring it is for parents who are busy working and taking care of their children during weekdays. Sometimes they wanted to have quality time with their partners but couldn’t leave their child behind. Hmm.. it might not be an good idea to bring your child along as they wanted to be accompanied by parents at all times. 

  • The all-time electronic device person

If you’re always busy on replying to clients or could not stop browsing the internet, camping might not be your thing! As camping locations are mostly located in forest lands, internet connection can be very weak and no charging plugs are available to device charging. Hence, you might end up in disappointment instead. Since we’ve chosen to go for camping trip, why not keep electronic devices at bay and ultimately enjoy the trip with your friends or loved ones!

  • The lazy-mover

You might think camping does not require any physical demand, oopsy you’re wrong! In fact, camping requires physical energy such as building up and setting off tents, cooking, moving your belongings and so on. Therefore, campers will usually arrange leisure time after the trip ends. 

Don’t worry, OUTPOSTCAMP got your back!! Tents are built upon arrival, cooking utensils, food ingredients, tables and chairs, simple bathroom are all prepared and ready to utilise! Simply browse through our website and book your package now!

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