New Hypergear Waterproof Bag is Here! Join Giveaway Contest Now?

The all new Hypergear waterproof bag is here!! Guess what? We are happy to announce that they are available in rainbow-transparent and classic black! Super convenient for outdoor activities such as hiking, diving and traveling. It does not damage your personal belongings but protects them well in the bag!Aren’t you interested in it!

Proudly founded in Malaysia, Hypergear aims to provide the utmost quality of waterproof dry bag for consumers from diverse communities, from scuba divers and mountain climbers to bikers and gym-goers. 

In the previous collections, Hypergear have launched transparent-coloured dry bag and this time round’s new collection before the Chinese Valentine’s Day on 20/5 includes Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black, which is pleasantly suitable for the lovebirds. 

It is essential to carry a bag to hold all our personal belongings when we plan to go for outdoor activities. And yes, Hypergear got your back! The new collection – Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black are specially designed for couples with different styles.

Dry Bag 10L Bubble

Dry Bag 10L Bubble is the perfect combination of fashion and capability. Without the element of plain colours, Dry Bag 10L Bubble has been upgraded with colorful patterns but remains the same as semi-transparent, where you are able to glance through your personal belongings while conserving it’s privacy at the same time.

Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black

As opposed to Dry Bag 10L Bubble, the Smoky Black is designed with smoked colour with semi-transparent element, which makes it classic and classy. This Smokey Black design is charmingly suitable for men, where they can carry their personal belongings as well as their beloved ones. To all the girls out there, here’s a tip for your boyfriend’s birthday gift! 

The Multi-Functional

The IP initials stand for Ingress Protection and are followed by two digits. The first digit indicates level of protection against intrusion. The second digit is an indication of protection against water. When an ‘X’ replaces a digit, it means that the particular specification does not apply to the object. IP rating is used to specify the level of protection of a product against intrusion of foreign bodies (such as solid objects and dust) and various forms of moisture (such as drips, splashes and submersion). Besides the IPX8 Frogman series, most of Hypergear products are rated IPX6 (IP66). (Hypergear Malaysia, 2018) Hypergear uses IPX6 which makes it durable in terms of waterproofing. Not only that, it does not damage your personal belongings but protects them well in the bag!

Surprisingly, don’t worry if you’re drown into the sea while carrying the bag, Hypergear dry bags have excellent floating function which helps to protect your personal belongings in great condition. It is easy to take care, simply wipe or wash its surface and hang on for few hours to be dried. 

To all the outdoor activity enthusiasts, hesitate no more! The limited edition Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black is a must for your hiking / diving / cycling partner. Make your purchase now before its sold out!

Also, Hypergear decided to give out 10 pieces of edition [Dry Bag 10L Bubble & Dry Bag 10L Smokey Black] to 10 lucky winners! Kindly follow simple steps below to join the giveaway entry:

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  4. You’re entitled for an entry!

As easy as ABC! Giveaway results will be announced seven days later, stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram, you might be the lucky one. Good luck to everyone!