Outpostcamp Genting

Although Malaysia is an all-year long summer country, but did you know that you can enjoy camping experience in a 19 degree Celsius environment here in Batang Kali?

「Outpostcamp Genting」, strategically located at Pahang where its daily weather does not exceed 28 degree Celsius, not lower than 18 degree Celsius at night, breezy weather can better enhance your camping experience! On the other hand, internet condition could be weaker than usual as we are positioned at “half mountain”.

Due to the reason that internet connection is weaker when campers drive into our camp site, campers are advised to gather their attention to notice a white gate, you will be able to passby “Father’s Organic Farm” when you drive along into the road. Soon you’ll see our first camp location.

Imagine viewing breath-taking views in perfect weather condition, how relaxing it could be! Just few steps away from our camp site, there’s an organic farm planted with fresh greens and vegetables such as papaya, banana, cabbage, chilli and roselle where you can purchase at an affordable price. Tired of city life? Keep your stress at bay and join us for unforgettable relaxing camping trip to ease your pressure. 

To ensure all campers are experiencing pleasant trip with us, safety and facilities in camp site will be briefed by our camp leader upon arrival. 

Also, to make your trip remarkable, our camp leader will lead you to a hidden waterfall for water playing activities if the weather is in satisfying condition. About half an hour walk, the magnificent view and sound of the natural waterfall will definitely make your walk worth!

As an alternative, campers are allowed to stay in the camp site for high-tea or relaxing session with your fellow friends! Campers can gather and sit under flysheet placed in the centre of camp site, playing board games or spending quality time with your loved ones.

What’s the best part of camping with Outpostcamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life!

When you’re unsure with something, try looking at the sky, maybe it’s the answer that you’ve being wondering. Simply look up at the beautiful sky with mesmerising starry view, can you imagine how romantic it is? “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” Lying in bed staring at the stars gives you another distinctive experience that could not be found in the city.

Waking up to spectacular view and expose yourself under the sun, eating breakfast accompanied by beautiful views before your camping trip comes to an end.

「Outpostcamp Genting」is pleasantly suitable for rookies who wanted to obtain fine camping experience, refreshing atmosphere, serenity and peaceful surroundings filled with greeneries, definitely your best camping choice!


Waze to drive to to Father’s Organic Farm, Batang Kali, Selangor


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