Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak

Did you know that there’s a hidden camping place in this foresty land in Gopeng? A quick getaway from your work or study stress, about an hour drive from KL to「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」, the warm-coloured tents and decorations set up in our camp site, providing you an extraordinary camping experience. Enveloped with palm trees around the camp site, campers are able to relieve their stress and enjoy the beauty of our Mother Nature here in「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」

Is this your first camping session? Not to worry! As 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」will be your very best choice as all our packages are inclusive of tent accommodation, BBQ dinner and breakfast the next day, exquisite camping equipment such as tables and chairs in same colour code, providing you an aesthetically-unique camping environment. 

Here in 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」, something you might not want to miss out – the riverside for water playing and rafting activity. Yes, don’t get me wrong! Water rafting activity in 「Outpostcamp Gopeng Perak」is what makes the camp site distinctive from others. About 3 hours from briefing by professional guidance to the exciting activity, you’ll definitely love it!! 

*Kind reminder: water rafting activity is not inclusive in our package, additional charges applies. 

What’s the best part of camping with OutPostCamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life! 

Treat yourself an exclusive camping trip and join us to create memorable moments with your loved ones!


Use Waze to drive to Outpostcamp Gopeng, Jalan Kampung Pintu Padang, Gopeng


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