Outpostcamp Mawai Johor

Yes, believe us or not! Escalating your camping experience here in「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」, the feeling of living in New Zealand but you’re actually in Malaysia!! 

Stepping into「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」camp site, significant observation deck where everyone tends to check-in on their Instagram and Facebook with magnificent views is just right in front of you. Clumps of bushes, sea of clouds, breezy weather and starry night, this is how you should kick start your unique camping trip!!

How does it feel like to enter into a camp site by boat? Campers are to gather at Mawai Village Jetty and take 6-7 minutes boat ride to reach our camp site. 

Privately owned land is what makes our「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」camp site distinctive. Simply book a getaway trip with us and keep your stress at bay and indulge yourself in the peaceful nature. Don’t worry of your heavy bag-packs and luggages, our colleagues will assist in transferring your belongings upon arrival in the camp site.

Not to forget that you can also see cute animals by walking around in the camp site. Short getaway from the bustling city to 「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」allows you to relieve stress. 

Upon arrival in our camp site, the warm-coloured tents and observation deck is the extraordinary point of「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」! Every corner is a must for photo shoots!!

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”, where the precious dusk is essential for every camping trips.

What’s the best part of camping with Outpostcamp? Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbecuing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar!

If Lady Luck is on your side, you’ll be able to see shooting stars and galaxy! Having breakfast accompanied by sea of clouds on the observation deck is the very best way to kick start your morning.

「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」provides complete facilities such as washroom, bathroom with water heater, providing you the best camping experience. Also, charging plugs are available in the kitchen area for your convenience.

Join us at「Outpostcamp Mawai Johor」to recharge yourself from the busy city and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Use Waze to drive to Mawai village jetty, Jalan Mawai Lama


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