Things that you must know about OUTPOSTCAMP?

What is OUTPOSTCAMP? How well do you know about us? 

People nowadays are often busy with their hectic work and study schedules, but can you recall when was the last time that you’ve treated yourself for a relaxing getaway trip from these busy schedules?

Hence, let’s go camping with us!

Keep your stress at bay and relieve yourself by experiencing camping with OUTPOSTCAMP! Surround yourself with your family, besties or beloved ones, indulging yourself in the beauty of our Mother Nature, hmm I guess that’s how life should be?

Here’s 5 things you should know about OUTPOSTCAMP:

1.Public Area in Our Camp Site

It’s undeniable that new campers might be confused on where to camp and what to prepare during their trip. Worry no more, it’s as easy as ABC! Here with OUTPOSTCAMP, we provide camping equipment such as tent, air mattress, lamp, decorating lights, tables and chairs in the common area, which are all included in our package! Of course, just pack your personal belongings and visit us! Not only that, flysheets are nicely set up in the public area, washroom and bathroom, kitchen (with cooking utensils) are ready for you to utilize. 

2.Multiple Tent Options

We understood that accommodation is the key consideration for all campers. Therefore, OUTPOSTCAMP has few tent package with different capacity selections for campers to choose at their convenience. Choices of tents include Mushroom Tent, Premium Tent, Premium Tent A and President Tent, which is available to be browsed on our website. The exquisitely decorated tents will definitely enhance your camping experience, leaving unforgettable memories with your loved ones! Here in OUTPOSTCAMP, we aim to provide utmost quality of experience to all campers, ensuring that they obtain pleasant stay and services with us.  

3.Strategic Location

We believe that one of the most frequently asked questions include: “Where is your camp site located at?” Although there’s numerous camp locations that can be located at, however; OUTPOSTCAMP is strategically located at Batang Kali, Pahang, with the ultimate objective to provide the best camping experience to our campers. The breezy weather in this half mountain allow campers to have different experiences as we are collaborating with [Father’s Organic Farm] where campers can visit the organic farms with numerous organic plantations. Guess what?! Campers are allowed to enjoy water playing at a hidden waterfall in our camp site!

4.Inclusive of Breakfast and BBQ Dinner

What’s the best part of camping with OUTPOSTCAMP? All packages include BBQ dinner and breakfast the next day. Our colleagues will prepare BBQ dinner by setting up fire pit and ingredients for campers, barbequing your favourite choice of ingredients in breezy weather without sweating, OMG best BBQ experience ever!! Indulge yourself by leaving electronic devices aside, gather around the campfire, singing songs and playing guitar, that’s what we call life!

5.Who We Are?

Let us introduce the founders of OUTPOSTCAMP!

[Tay Cheah]

Our founder, Tay is a nature lover as she believes that our beautiful Mother Nature relieves stress, keeps our stress and hectic schedules at bay. Her objective to establish OUTPOSTCAMP is to share the joy of the nature’s beauty.

[Belfort Tan]

Our co-founder, Belfort loves simple living that’s why he enjoys camping. “Camping allows us to find out interesting matters, such as cooking and playing around with friends during the campfire session.”, he said.

Hesitate no more! Join us for more interesting camping experiences, see you soon!!

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