10 Frequently Asked Questions?

As new campers might be wondering what the happiness of camping is, let us tell you more!

Our admin have posted Q&A on our Instagram story during MCO and we’ve acquainted countless questions. We’ll share more OUTPOSTCAMP camping information with you today!

Q: Is the camp site pet-friendly?

A: We absolutely love pets. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to enter camp site due to safety reason, as well as the conserving the uniquely decorated camp environment.

Q: What can I do during camping?

A: Campers are allowed to decorate tent appearance, reading, chit-chatting, taking photos around the camp site and water playing at waterfall in the evening. BBQ dinner will be prepared by our colleagues and campers can help themselves with their favourite choice of food.

Q: Is bathroom available in camp site?

A: Yes! We do provide bathroom and toilets for campers.

  • GENTING : 4 bathrooms
  • GOPENG : 4 bathrooms
  • MAWAI : 6 bathrooms (3 women, 3 men)

Q: How is the telecommunication condition in camp site?


In fact, there’s no strong signals such as WI-FI and mobile data in our camp sites as we are not located in city centre, however; it is advised that campers keep mobile phones at bay and enjoy the camping experience at its most!

Q: Can I bring my own tent equipment along to OutPost Camp?

A: Unfortunately, own tent equipment is not allowed as we aim to provide unique and unforgettable camping experience to all our campers.

Q: What to eat during my camping trip?

A: Breakfast and BBQ dinner are inclusive in all packages. However, campers are allowed to bring their own food / ingredients to cook in our camp site.

Q: Can I purchase the onion pancake and frozen beef steak provided in OUTPOSTCAMP?

A: Stay tuned to our Facebook & Instagram page as we are still currently in further discussion on this matter.

Q: Is it ok if I do not bring sleeping bag along?

A: Air mattress is provided in all tents, campers can use sleeping bag as pillow or blanket. 

Q: Can I bring Mahjong or alcoholic drinks?

A: Yes, you can. However, gambling is not recommended.

Q: Is OUTPOSTCAMP available for photo shooting session?

A: Simply browse through our website and book package, you can take as many photos as you want hehe!

Here’s the end of our answering session. Do remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more information and enquiries!

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